Just missed it,
the perfect end,
to a perfect feat.
I overshot this
sweet opportunity.
There is no end
for this now.


Day 30

They say
That all good things must
Come to an end
And alas
It’s gonna be may

Day 30: Happy days are here again

We did it!  Here’s to another successful NaPoWriMo, and here also is my gratitude to all of you who have taken this journey with me!  I was more inspired, every day, by all of your words — and all of your work! — than I can ever say.

Every once in a while, I’ll challenge myself to write a happy poem.  This seemed as good an occasion for that as any, and I owed someone an epithalamium anyway, so here goes …





Open him up.
See what you can find
in the man
that had no heart
for one night.
You can notice
from pushing all internal organs
That he had some sort of hole
where his heart
formerly was.
From all the reports,
you can say it was true
that his true love
had it forever more.
And where is she,
you ask?
I can say that she is in Miami
with another man,
and left the organ
on land.
Not in the most convenient
of places like under
the kitchen sink
but rather she kept it
over the fireplace
so that she can make the joke
of her former lover
being ‘warm-hearted’.


Missing Day

I’m sure there was a day
when poetry failed my soul

it could have been the time 
I slept too late and the coffee 

was gone, or the time I took the trash
to recycling, sorting plastic and cans

or unloading packed brambles
running stupid errands and forgetting 

the one thing at the top of the list,
or fretting at the doctor’s office

or a day like today, vague sense
of not doing things the way they ought.


Day 30 – The Last – Tannae Wilder

Nothing was ever the same,
Separated with no one to blame.

Laughs turned to arguments
And arguments turned into fights.

We used to go on dates together
And watch the beautiful stars
In the night.

You’d tell me that their shine,
Was like the sparkle in my smile.

I’d tell you our love, was like
A diamond in a mine.

We’d hold hands, like first graders,
And kiss like newlyweds. . .

And when we touched,
The chemistry was like baking soda
And vinegar.

When we met, I never thought
We would turn into a we.

When you said the final goodbye,
I didn’t want you to leave.

Although I didn’t expect to begin,
I didn’t want us to end.

Day 29 – Throne – Tannae Wilder

No need to read between
the lines, there are no lines
to read between.

He spoke the words
he meant and never once
considered me.

How it would make
me feel being a Queen
without a king.

Wait who am I kidding,
you were never

April 30


is not dysfunctional

from nowhere it emerges

straight up or sensuously arched

its scent in my urine lasts longer than

four hours


Day 29

Just a brief one tonight …

Fragment A




Ignorance is not bliss,
Not for her,
that’s for sure.